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Jordan Heights

Explorers Night Challenge 2017

Winners 2nd Reigate Runners up 34th Reigate (Meadvale)


Special Events (At the Camp site)

Leaders District Archery April 2017

Reigate District Scouts Cowhorn & Hoof Hike March 2017

Won by the 14th SouthPark

Reigate District Explorers Night Survival Challenge 2016

Winners Joint 7th/Reigate 34th Reigate (Meadvale) Team  90 points


Runners Up 17th Reigate 89 points


88 points to 1st/2nd Horley,2nd Reigate & 30th Reigate 6th place 9th Horley 61 points.

30th Scouts win the District Archery competition for Scouts


German Scouts Summer Camp August 2016


Reigate District Explorer Survival Camps

District Explorers Archery Competitions

District Archery (Scouts) Competition

Corporate Camp (Our First) October 2014

Reigate District Scouts Survival Days

Reigate District Scouts Shooting Competitions

Reigate District Shooting Compettions for Explorers


Reigate District Cowhorn Hike (Camp)



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