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We have leaders available for teaching and running sessions for shooting.
Floodlight shooting is also available for additional £5 to cover the cost of the floodlights. A permission form must be filled out and returned on the day of shooting.Please see below.

Groups with their own Qualified shooting leaders,may use the site.Those leaders wishing to book the range must do so when booking the site so arrangements can be made. A copy of the qualified leaders certificate (GNAS) Archery or NSRA Shooting must be handed to the booking secretary before the event and before the extra keys are collected. Those wishing to use the Rifle range with their own equipment as well as own leader may do so. No guns or bows & arrows may be brought onto site without prior written consent from the warden and a written risk assessment. 


(Run by Camp site Instructors) 2 hour slot Maximum 12 per hour session 
We have a number of different size rifles so we can run sessions for older
Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network and Leaders.

Evening 7pm - 9pm (Floodlights extra £5 if needed)

Saturday 10am-12 noon

Sundays 10am-12 noon or 2pm-4pm
No guns may be brought onto site without prior written consent from the warden.
The rang now has a covered area for sitting and a covered area for instructors.

The rifle range under the floodlights.


Activity Information and 

Parental Permission Form –

Target Shooting

DATA PROTECTION: This form is used to collect information about your young person for the purpose of the activity named below, this is to be used by the Section Leaders only. As part of this form we collect personal data about your young person, this detail is required so that we can register them for the activity. This form also collects sensitive (special category) data about your young person, this detail is required so that we can offer additional support if required and keep your young person safe whilst in our  care. W e may share your personal datain this  form with third parties, we do this for activity registration. These third parties are used on the basis that they align with our data privacy policies. W e take your personal data privacy seriously. The data you provide to us is securely stored and will be kept for 2 months after the event for any queries that arise before being securely destroyed. For further detail please visit Reigate District Data Protection Policy .

Written parental permission is needed before a young person can take part in shooting activities. Activity Information

Group/Unit Name


Date(s)* of activity


*Please note this must state specific dates of activity such as individual event, camp, short term series of badge focused programmes. 

Please tick the appropriate box(es).

Air rifle shooting

Air pistol shooting



  Crossbow shooting





Parent or Guardian's consent

Name of young person


Relevant medical information


I, being the parent/guardian of the young person named above, declare that they are not subject to restriction by virtue of Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 or any other law restricting the use of guns (which applies to persons who have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment, youth custody or suspended sentence) and give permission for them to take part in the activities identified above.

Name of parent/guardian






Version January 2019 

Pistol Shooting at the site as well                      New targets added in March 2015

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