Reigate District Scouts Camp Site
Jordan Heights

First ever night Camp Spence & Aaron

First to camp every month in the year Spence & Aaron

34th Reigate (Meadvale) first group in District to have all four sections use Jordan Heights.

1st Hinchley Wood Explorers on being first group to use site from outside of Reigate District.

Longest camp 6 nights German Girl Scouts August 2016 (48 camping)


Most Camp nights 2016     921

Biggest Camp 90 Kids 8 Leaders Total 98 Camping

1st International Camp August 2016 German Girl Scouts

Competitions at Jordan Heights

Reigate District Explorers Night Challenge 2017

2nd Reigate Runners up 34th Reigate (Meadvale)


Reigate District Explorer Night Challenge 2016

1st Joint 7th/34th Reigate (Team) 90 points

Runners Up 17th Reigate 89 points

1st/2nd horley 88 2nd Reigate 88 30th Reigate 88 and 9th Horley 61 points

Reigate District Explorers Survival Camp Winners

6th Reigate 2015 Winners

34th Reigate (Meadvale) 2014

Joint 34th Reigate (Meadvale) & 2nd Reigate 2013

Reigate District Leaders Archery Competition 2017

Winners 2nd Reigate Runners UP Jordan Heights Camp Site


Individual Score Winner Spence Jordan Heights Scout Camp Site 2017

Reigate District Explorers Archery Competition 2017

Winners 2nd Reigate Explorers


Reigate District Explorers Archery competition 2015

1st/2nd Horley 2015

Reigate District Explorer Archery Competition 2013

34th Reigate (Meadvale) Explorers 2013

Reigate District Scouts Archery Competition

2014         2nd Reigate

2016         30th Reigate

Reigate District Scout Shooting Competition

17th Reigate Scouts 2013

24th Reigate (Nutfield) 2015

30th Reigate 2017

Reigate District Leaders shooting Competition 2016   24th Reigate Nutfield

Reigate District Explorers Shooting Comptition 2018 34th Reigate

Reigate District Explorers Shooting Competition 2016 1st/2nd Horley

Reigate District Explorers Shooting Competition 2014 34th Reigate

34th Reigate (Meadvale) Explorers

Reigate District Explorers best shooter

Aaron 34th Reigate (Meadvale) 2014

Chris 1st/2nd Horley 2016

Vicky 34th Reigate (Meadvale) 2018

Records for the site


Swing Targets
Over 18's  5 shoots    Spence (2013)

Under 18  5 shoots    Aaron (2013)

Standard target 
over 18's               89  Spence (2013)
Under 18              91  Aaron    (2013)
5 target    
Over 18's            79    Spence (2013)
Under 18's          81    Aaron   (2013)


Over 18's   5 Gold  50   Spence Warden (2012)
Under 18's             39   William Explorer 9th Horley (2015)

Under 8 (Beaver)    28    34th Reigate (Meadvale)

Axe Angels Throwing

Under 18's 16 2nd Reigate Scouts
Over 18's   30 Spence Warden (2017)

Reigate District Scouts Camp Site Jordan Heights
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