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Pioneering Equipment at Jordan Heights Camp Site

Explorer Commissioner for Reigate Adrian having a go over the pioneering bridge

20 x 2.4 60mm poles             10 x 2.4 75mm poles         8 x 2.4 100mm poles 

1 x Wooden Mallet                1 x club hammer

3 x Glow Rope (X100 feet)     1 x 15 meter Utility rope     1 x Large Rope 21 metres   5 x 30m Utility  Rope

10 x Large wooden pegs        10 x Metal Marque Pegs

4 x Karabina Bungees            1 x Rope Sac                     1 x Small rope ladder

All available for all sections and groups to use free of charge. Please clean and dry ropes and place poles back on the stand when finished. Please make sure no rope is cut.

Pioneering in Scouting
In Scouts, pioneering is the art of using ropes and wooden spars joined by lashings and knots to create a structure. Pioneering can be used for constructing small items such as camp gadgets up to larger structures such as bridges and towers. Pioneering is used to teach practical skills, teamwork and problem solving. It is widely used in Scouting and Girl Guiding. At Jordan Heights, Scouts may construct functional items like tables, drying up racks  and gadgets, as well as decorative camp gateways and towers.
Below is some Scouts doing pionering for the Japan selection Weekend
The name comes from the 18th and 19th century military engineers who went ahead of an army to "pioneer" a route, which could involve building bridges and towers with rope and timber. Pioneering skills include Knot tying , lashing , whipping , splicing and skills related to the use, care and storage of ropes, spars and related pioneering equipment.
Below is the Explorers from Meadvale building a tower with flag pole and putting a tent on the top!

Pioneer Activity Badge 
As a member of a group, take part in the following:an indoor pioneering project, for example,
constructing a guided missile launcher or chariotan
outdoor pioneering project, for example, building a monkey bridge, a raft, or parallel or aerial runway
Demonstrate the following:a whipping or safe rope sealinga splicethe correct way to coil and store a ropethe use of simple blocks and tackle the use of levers to extract objects or move heavy weightsanchorages for firm and soft groundan understanding of the need for supervision and safety in pioneering projects
Name and tie at least 6 knots and 3 lashings useful in pioneering.

Below are a few designs and idea's I have used over the years in Scouting, sorry I have no idea where the original idea's came from.


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