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Ghosts of Jordan Heights

Since we have been at the site several different ghost stories have been unearthed.
If you get any ghostly pictures at Jordan Heights please let us have them and we will add them to the page.

The first is of a taping sound as somebody goes up the path to the top of the hill. This is thought to be the elderly gentlemen who had the path laid. he goes to the top of the hill in his wheel chair on dark clear nights and the sound of the wheel chair clacking on the bricks can be herd!

The Fog
The second is of the strange sound of pigeons, as the site was used by the army in the second World War for flying secrete messages to France many people have heard the sound of lots of pigeons flying around.  We also think the strange lights sometimes seen is from the second World War as well.  

The last one is of strange shapes and sounds coming down the banks and going across the field and then out of the site is it a badger or a deer or something else?

Ghostly lights.

A strange ghostly figure

A giant almost as tall as the flag pole!

Here we see a flying saucer! Above the site

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