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Best Explorer Unit Shooting 2020

1st     34th Reigate (Meadvale)        275

2nd    30th Reigate                           269

3rd    17th Reigate                            243

4th    2nd Reigate                             167


Best Explorer Shooting 2020

1st     Kierran     2nd Reigate                              124

2nd     Dylan       34th Reigate (Meadvale)         113

3rd     Tom          30th Reigate                             94

4th     George     30th Reigate                             90

5th     Ethan        30th Reigate                             85     


POS        GROUP                                                 NUMBERS           TOTAL

1ST          30TH REIGATE B                                   4                        257

2ND          34TH Reigate (Meadvale)                     5                             185

3rd           2nd Reigate                                          4                              169

4th           Pathfinder Salfords                            5                              155

5th           24th Reigate (Nutfield)                        6                              145        

6th           30th Reigate A                                     3                              140

7th           Pathfinder Horley                                7                              132

8th           9th Horley                                            1                              18



POS        GROUP                                                 NAME                   TOTAL

1ST           30TH Reigate B                      Tom                     98

2nd          30th Reigate B                                    George                     93

3rd           24th Reigate (Nutfield)                       Josh                        76

4th           2nd Reigate                                          Michael                  75

5th           34th Reigate (Meadvale)                     Jonny                    72          


Congratulations to the 30th B team a new name on the trophy. 8 different teams 7 different Groups 35 Scouts, many thanks to Angela (Bookings and forms) and Peter & Oriel as back up team and to Mari for helping run the shooting. A great day with some very good shooting

Previous Winners             2013 17th Reigate             2015 24th Reigate (Nutfield)        2017 30th Reigate

All the best Spence (Warden) Jordan Heights Warden


Reigate District Scouts Archery Competition 2016

1st 30th Reigate B 144
2nd 30th Reigate A 125
3rd 34th Reigate (Meadvale) 119
4th 17th Reigate 71
5th Pathfinder Salfords 58

Best Scout
1st Holly 30th Reigate 57
2nd Jonny 34th Reigate (Meadvale) 55
3rd Orla 30th Reigate A 54

Reigate District Leaders Rifle Shooting Competition Results 2016      

Pos Group Highest Score     Total Score

1st         24th Nutfield  Rob 147        408

2nd       17th Reigate   Mike 129        382

3rd        1st /2nd Reigate   Marie   126        326

4th         SASU                   Geoff    127        252

5th       Reigate Network Nikki    93         184

(Winners 24th Reigate (Nutfield)
1st Rob       147      24th Nutfield

2nd Andrew  139       24th Nutfield

3rd Mike  129      17th Reigate

4th Geoff  127       SASU

5th Marie 126      1st /2nd Horley
Congratulations to the 24th on winning for the first time and to Rob 24th for wining the
individual best score hitting the 3rd highest ever at Jordan Heights


Reigate District Explorers Shooting Competition 2016

Team scorers

1st 1st 2nd Horley 381

2nd 6th Reigate 316

3rd 17th Reigtae 295     

4th 30th Reigate 247       

5th 24th Reigate (Nutfield) 179



1st place went to the 24th Scouts with 281 points. The prize for Best Scout Shot goes to Victoria Cox
from 34th Reigate, with a personal score of 118.

1st place   24th Reigate          281 points

2nd place  34th Reigate (A team)  265 points
3rd place   30th Reigate (A team)  236 points
4th place   9th Horley            206 points
5th place   7th Reigate            185 points
6th place   30th Reigate (B team)  138 points
7th place   34th Reigate (B team)  137 points
8th place   Pathfinder Salfords     79 points

Vitoria Best shot

Reigate District Explorers Survival Camp winners 2015 6th Reigate

Sunday 1st February 2015 Reigate District Explorers Archery competition


Won by 1st/2nd Horley Explorers


Best Overall Troop Team are as follows:
1st place : 2nd Reigate Scouts with 59 points
2nd place: 30th Reigate Scouts with 43 points...
3rd place: 1st/2nd Horley Scouts with 41 points

4th place: 9th Horley with 37 points
5th place: 17th Reigate with 32 points

6th place: 24th Reigate with 10 points The results for the Best Scout (personal score) are as follows:

1st place :
Alice, 2nd Reigate Scouts with 25 points
Joint 2nd place: Mathew , 17th Reigate Scouts & Ben, 9th Horley Scouts 19 points

Saturday 4th/Sunday 5th October 2014 Reigate District Survival Camp Explorers

Winners 34th Reigate (Meadvale)

Sunday 28th September Reigate District Scouts Survival Day

Reigate District Explorers Shooting Competition 2014 Winners 34th

Won by the 34th Reigate (Meadvale) Explorers Best shooter Aaron (Asssitant Warden)
Winners Best Unit Winners Best Explorer District
1st 34th Reigate (Meadvale) 410                                      1st Aaron 34th Reigate (Meadvale) 161
2nd 17th Reigate 373                                                        2nd Jasper 6th Reigate 155
3rd 6th Reigate 361                                                           3rd Ollie 34th Reigate (Meadvale) 136

Reigate District Scouts Shooting competition 2013

Scores as follows:

1st 17th Reigate 213 (6 scouts)

2nd 30th Reigate 187 (3 scouts)

3rd 24th Reigate 153 (6 scouts)

4th 34th Reigate 145 (6 scouts)

5th 9th Horley 98 (2 scouts)

The highest individual score
was: Richard from the 17th with 100 points,closely followed by Rowan from the 30th with 76 points.

Reigate District Explorers Survivial Camp

Winners 2013 Joint 34th Reigate (Meadvale & 2nd Reigate

Reigate District Achery Competition Explorers 2013

SUNDAY 3RD FEBRUARY 2013 Who will be the first winners of the trophy
Reigate District Explorers Achery competition
1st 34th Reigate (Meadvale) 79 points (1st ever winners)

2nd 9th Horley 73 points
3rd 2nd Reigate 66 points
4th 7th Reigate 60 points
5th 30th Reigate 20 points
6th 17th Reigate 17 points

Winner highest score
1st William 9th Horley 33 out of 50 (On count back) Great score well done
2nd William 2nd Reigate 33 out of 50
3rd Jake (9th Horley) , Ollie 34th Reigate (Meadvale) ,John 31 7th Reigate

Well done to all Units who took part many thanks to Tim and Aaron for helping run the event. Thanks Spence Warden


An exciting competition was held to design a new badge for the camp site.

The competition was open to all Leaders, Network, Explorers, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers. The winning design has been made into a badge and is used on the web site, promotional matrerial and a badge to sell.

This was the old badge 

The design was won by Valerie Jones. The new badge is available now.
Many thanks to all that entered the Badge Competition for the site we have had over 35 entries, the competition closed on the 1st December 2011.

The New Jordan  Heights Camp Site Badge.Available Now only £2

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