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Axe Throwing at Jordan Heights Scout Campsite. It is a sport in which the participant throws an axe at a target. It is an event held in many lumberjack competitions and helps to build hand eye coordination.
Axe throwing is suitable for Cubs and above (8 and up).
All participants have the maturity to take part.
All participants are advised to wear full length trousers.
If a participant is not physically capable of throwing an axe, they will not be able to take part in the session for safety reasons. At Jordan Heights we have 2 types of throwing -Tomahawks and Angels. The Scout Association suggest that parents are informed that their child will be taking part in an axe throwing session so they can make an informed decision about their child taking part.

This is a leader lead activity by a qualified Axe thrower (Warden Spencer Mitchell) A risk assessment is available on request.

We have Axe Angels

We have tomahawks 


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