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Jordan Heights

                                                 A permanent Archery range at Jordan Heights District Camp site.                                                                             

2017 2nd Reigate Leaders won the District Trophy (Highest score went to Spence Warden Jordan Heights)

2014 2nd Reigate Scouts won the first Scout Section trophy.

2016 30th Reigate Scouts won the trophy.

2018 24th Nutfield Scouts Won the trophy

February 2013 District Explorers Archery Competition was won by the 34th Reigate Meadvale)

February 2015 District Explorer trophy 1st /2nd Horley 

February 2017 District Explorers Archery Competition Won by 2nd Reigate Explorers

February 2019 District Explorers Archery Competition 17th Reigate Explorers

The area is fenced off and has safety net along with all the equipment needed to run a range with kids from six to adult.We have three different size bows to suit all ages, from Beavers to Leaders. We have two different firing distances as well 10 meters and 20 meters. 


We have a portable generator for the range to power floodlights to use in the autumn, winter and darker nights adding to the time we can offer Archery.There will be a small extra charge for this.£5 to cover the cost of the petrol.


(Run by Camp site Instructors) £1 per person for 2 hour slot Maximum 12 per hour session

This does not include visitor fee or camping fee

There is a small covered area for the archery for sitting under and the shooting line is also under cover.

From 2014 we have doubled are amount of archery boses to four to increase the number able to do archery.

We have a number of bows and arrows of different sizes so we can run

sessions from Beavers (6) upward to include Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network and Leaders. 

Evening 7pm - 9pm (Floodlights extra £5 if needed)

Saturday 10am-12 noon          Sundays 10am-12 noon or 2pm-4pm

Floodlight archery

We can run fun training sessions for any section or run tournaments for your group or section

We are running annual Archery competition for each section in District Scouts & Explorers. 


An Archery session at Jordan Heights would be typically be up to 12 with four boss targets giving four people at time shooting for 2 hours. The cost is just £1 per person plus your normal site visit fee.

Groups with their own Qualified Leaders can use the range.The same fee as above apply. Those leaders wishing to book the range must do so when booking the site so arrangements can be made. A copy of the qualified leaders certificate (GNSA) must be handed to the booking secretary before the event and before the keys are collected.

Jordan Heights Site visit is £1.50 for day or £1 for evening,  £3 for camping

Cost for Groups out side of Reigate £20 per session (12), other Groups £5 per person. 

If bringing your own equipment to site the fee for using the archery range is £10 per session of two hours.Plus normal visitors fee.

No bows & arrows may be brought onto site without prior written consent from the warden.

Please contact Booking secretary for more details and bookings

Evening and winter use Floodlights are available cost £5 per session (2 hours)

The range at Jodan Heights as seen in March 2014


The seating and shelter for the archery

The new archery shelter September 2014

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