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Welcome to Jordan Heights.   (The Home of Reigate Camping)

Jordan Heights is a secluded campsite near Reigate. It was once a hillside garden for a member of the Royal Society. During World War 2 it was used to house an army pigeon loft. Reigate District Scouts took over the lease of the campsite from the National Trust on the 1st November 2011: the site having previously been leased to Girl Guiding Surrey East since September 1952.

The site is available for Scouting, Guiding, Youth Groups, Schools and D of E groups it is not open to the public.

This is a unique site, hidden away, but within 15 minutes of Reigate Station. An ideal place to walk into or out of from most Scout groups in the District.

Jordan Heights is on the wooded slope of Reigate Hill, within easy access of Junction 8 of the M25. Access is via a bridle way and a zig zag path with steps. It is well suited for camps of up to 100 persons. The site is on three levels with a large hut known as Doreen's Lodge on the main camping level. This has an open fire place and lighting from a generator.

If you want to be a backwoodsman or camp in the traditional way, this is the place for you. It has seclusion, mains water, Outside cold water shower, wash station and six toilets with lighting run by a generator. There are tables and benches and lots of different garden games available for use by groups.We have an archery range, a rifle shooting range, a transverse Climbing Wall, Axe throwing, Shovel Throwing, orienteering, Caterpults, Mini Cross bows Night Line and assault course.
Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer, Network and Leaders will love it


Jordan Heights Scout Camp site Diary 2020 Reigate District


This is just to confirm that following the Prime Ministers update, where we were told that everyone in the UK should now avoid non-essential travel and contact with others, the UK Chief Commissioner for Scouting has given guidance that all face to face meetings, activities and events are to be suspended from, Tuesday 17th March 2020.
Unfortunately for us this means that the campsite will now be closed until further notice. We can still take booking for later in the year. Please contact the booking secretary via email.

Sunday 2nd February 2020  Reigate District Explorers Shooting Competition    Winners 34th Reigate (MEadvale) Explorers

Saturday 21st /Sunday 22nd March 2020 Reigate District Scouts Cowhorn Scouts   (Cancelled)

Sunday 19th April Reigate District Leaders Shooting Competition      Leaders (Cancelled)

Sunday 11th October Reigate District Scouts Archery Competition    Scouts

????? Reigate District Explorers Night Challenge                                    Explorers

Sunday 29th November Winter Work Party 10am-4pm                        Leaders,Helpers Network, Explorers and Scouts

The escarpment, incorporating Reigate Hill and Gatton Park, is a splendid area for walkers. Its views are breathtaking, taking in the Weald and the South Downs. If you look up the escarpment from the A25, you can still clearly see the former stone quarries. Reigate stone was quarried here along with chalk, which was used in many local buildings. Greensand was also quarried for hearthstones and firestone.Reigate Fort on the Reigate Hill was one of 13 mobilisation centres built in the 1890s to protect London from invasion, although none of them ever saw action.The 60 hectares (149 acres) of Reigate Hill have been bought by the Trust in pockets from 1912 onwards, mainly with money raised locally and bequests from individuals. Gatton Park was acquired through two bequests; from Sir Jeremiah Colman and Mr A G Dibble.All of this is available just a short walk from the Camp Site.
Please check on the Calender for dates of work parties which run from 10am to 4pm on each date.
All welcome Tea and Coffee provided.   
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Camp Night 2012
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July                      8             August         2       September     18      October  60     November  43   December 2

Camp Nights 2013
January               0            February       0       March            0       April         20         May       38       June  59
July                     70          August         20      September     53     October   46         November 37   December 0

Camp Nights 2014
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July                     51          August        2        September     29     October    59         November 27       December  0   

Camp Nights 2015
January               0            February     0         March           42     April         19         May    113           June 101
July                     62          August        36       September    68     October    66        November 0         December  0


January               0           February      0          March           14      April     76             May    161           June 73

July                    169        August         291      September    46      October 62            November 29        December 0   

Camp Nights 2017

January               0            February     1   March  93            April         34         May    77           June 108
July                    68           August      23   September    50   October    93        November 33    December  0

Camp Nights 2018

January        9      February     0    March    38        April        79       May  158        June    65     

July            146        August    34     September     4    October    28   November    8    December  0

Camp Nights 2019

January       0        February       8     March       217      April     157           May   128       June 62

July          124      August   120             September   102     October    55   November    37      December 0

Camp Nights 2020

Janaury      0       February    0    March   0    April  0   May      June  July  August    September   October November  December



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    Reigate District Scouts Survival Day 36 Scouts + 20 leaders / Reigate District Young Leader training/Brockham Youth Club

    Reigate District Explorers Survival Camp,5th Redhill Guides/Buckland Guides/Meadvale Guides/Epsom Explorers
    St Marys Youth Group

    Pathfinder Horley Explorers Scouts & Cubs
    1st/2nd Horley Explorers     1st /2nd Horley Scouts
    9th Horley (Explorers) 9th Horley Scouts
    Pathfinder Salfords Cubs/Scouts
    38th Reigate Scouts
    34th Reigate (Meadvale) Leaders (C) 
    34th Reigate (Meadvale) Explorers (C) Scouts scouts Cubs
    34th Reigate (Meadvale) Beavers
    30th Reigate Explorers (C) 30th Reigate Scouts (C)
    24th Reigate (Nutfield) Scouts (C) 24th Reigate (Nutfield) Cubs (C) Beavers & Leaders (C)  
    17th Reigate Explorers (C) 17th Reigate Scouts/
    17th Reigate Cubs (C)   17th Reigate Bevers
    14th Reigate Beavers /Cubs/ (C) Scouts
    9th Reigate Scouts
    8th Reigate Scouts (C) 
    7th Reigate Explorers (C)
    7th Scouts (C) 7th Reigate Cubs  
    6th Reigate Explorers (C)
    5th Reigate Cubs (C) 5th Reigate Scouts
    4th Reigate Explorers (C) 4th Reigate Scouts (C) 4th Reigate Cubs   (C)
    2nd Reigate Cub (C) 2nd Reigate Explorers(C)    2nd Reigate Scouts
    Reigate District Network (C)
    5th Redhill Guides & 9th Redhill Guides

    World Jamboree Japan Selection Weekend 26 Explorers & Scouts for 7 places
    World Jamboree Selection Weekend America 32 Explorers and Scouts 11 places

    1st Hinchley Wood Explorers (C) Runnymeede Phonix ESU (C) North Wallington Leaders ,Tattenham Scouts ,2nd Ewell Cubs & Beavers ,Oxted Explorers,Dambusters Explorers,Cheam Scouts, Horsham Explorers, Ashford District East Grinstead Explorers (C)

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Doreen's Lodge Jordan Heights Building
The Main building Doreen's Lodge at Jordan Heights Camp site

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